Wellington and Pukekoe

Ray took the car to New Zealand on a number of occasions across 1985, 1986 and 1987 for the Wellington (street race) and Pukekoe endurance races.


In 1985 Ray did both the Nissan 500 - Wellington street race and the Nissan Sport 500 at Pukekoe. In Wellington the car was disqualified for running tires that were too wide, but in Pukekoe finished a creditable 7th outright. He partnered with Grant O’Donnell, his co-driver from Bathurst in 1984.




In 1986 Ray again did both the Wellington and Pukekoe races, this time with New Zealander Ed Lamont as co-driver. The car ran in ANZ colours for the 1986 Nissan Mobil 500 in Wellington New Zealand. The car was painted in an acrylic which was washed off with water after the race. You can see the original red paint around the doors.

Wellington was marred by a massive downpour which saw a number of cars into the barriers around this tight street circuit, including Ray and Ed on lap 95.

The car was up and running again for Pukekoe, qualifying in 22nd and finishing this time in 18th.

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Watch from about 2:44.


Ray was back for the Wellington race in what was the cars final Group A outing, this time with touring car stalwart John French, and son Graham.

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