Alfetta Race History

Alfetta GTAM

In 1976 Alfa Australia wanted to run the new Alfetta GT at Bathurst to maximise the marketing benefit, however it was unlikely the 1800cc engined and heavier Alfetta GT would be faster than the existing 105 series 2 Litre GTV, and the 2 Litre engine for the Alfetta was some way away.

In true Bathurst tradition, Alfa Australia decided to homologate a “Bathurst special”, a limited run of 25 cars with the only 2 litre engine available in an Alfetta - the US 2 litre SPICA fuel injected engine. The experiment was a disaster, the new GTAM was slower than the venerable 105 series cars.

Three GTAM’s were entered for Bathurst 1976, an Autodelta prepared factory entry driven by John Leffler and Richard Carter, and two private entries, the Brian Foley entry driven by Christine Gibson and Marie Claude Charnasson, and the Clemmens Sporting Cars entry with Frank Porter and Tony Roberts.

Alfetta GTV

With the update from GT to GTV came thecarburettor 2 litre engine. Brian Foley prepared a new car as the GTAM was reportedly returned to the dealership and sold as a road car. Both the Autodelta and Clemmens/Beninca cars where both updated to GTV specification. Gary Leggat also ran an updated series 2 (plastic bumpers) 2 litre GTV in 1981 and 1982. It’s possible that this car was the Foley GTV updated to Series 2 trim.

Alfetta GTV6

The Alfetta GTV6 was successful from Group A’s inception in Europe, winning multiple championships includingfour consecutive European Touring Car Championship titles between 1982 and 1985, and the British Touring Car Championship was won in 1983 with Andy Rouse driving. However by the time Group A made it to Australia in 1984 the GTV6 was starting to lose it's competitive edge given the reletively small 2.5 litre engine and comparetivly lower power output.

Only one GTV6 competed in th Group C era, that being the Gulson Dulux car, however at Bathurst 1982, the Leggat GTV was briefly fitted with a V6 engine . The car had problems in practice and the original 2 litre engine was refitted only for the car to be written off in a massive crash at McPhillamy Park.

Three GTV6’s competed in the Group A era in Australia.

Group C

Foley Bell 79.jpg

Autodelta Racing Australia - Alfetta GTAM Chassis 3206

Clemmens Sporting Car Services - Alfetta GTAM Chassis XXXX

Brian Foley - Alfetta GTAM Chassis XXXX

Brian Foley - Alfetta GTV Chassis XXXX

Cinzano- Alfetta GTV Chassis xxxx

Ray Gulson - Dulux GTV6 -Bathurst 1982-Bathurst 1983

Group A


Ray Gulson - Dulux

When Group A was introduced for Bathurst 1984, Ray decided to move from Group C where the car had run for 82 and 83 and run as one of the pioneer Group A competitors.

Colin Bond - Network Alfa/Ignis/Montrose Wines

Bond had been running a GTV6 in Group E Production Cars and with Network Alfa sponsorship ran in Group A at Bathurst in 84. Bond then ran the car in the 1985 ATCC in it’s distinctive yellow Ignis/Montrose Wines livery, while Alan Jones ran in the newly delivered Luigi built car (below). When Jones left to go back to F1, Bond took over the Luigi car and this car went to the Toy Shop.

Colin Bond/Alan Jones - Ignis

The Luigi built GTV6 arrived in 1985 for Alan Jones to drive in the 1985 ATCC. When Jones left to go back to F1, Bond took over and nearly wrote the car off at Surfers Paradise. The car was re-shelled and Bond then went on to drive with Greg Hansford at Bathurst 1985.

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